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Mountain Rock Climbing

Are you looking for a sport or activity to challenge yourself and test your strength and endurance? Then opt for rock climbing and try to live your life on edge this summer. Want to be more extreme with yourself, then plan a trip for rock climbing in winters. You will find every muscle in your body straining and used while pushing you up on those tough paths. Your body might give up but your spirit will keep you going up. And you  get rewarded by not only that awesome view from the top of the mountain but also you revel in the feeling of success of conquering the difficult peak.

Mountain rock climbing is a sport that does require a special set of skills. Not just anybody can opt for such mountain activity. After all those big mountains are waiting to test every bit of

endurance  in you, at both physical and mental level. All rock climbers know the value of fitness and the right rock climbing gear before they set off.

Here are the must-haves for any rock climber:

Rock climbing equipment

  • Helmet
    The right climbing helmets offering best fit and comfort.
  • Shoes
    Wear special shoes made just for rock climbing for better grip and strength. Avoid wearing socks for a better fit.

  • Harness
    This is one of the most important mountain rock climbing gear and is very vital for the safety of the climber.

  • Webbing
    This nylon rope is very strong and doesn’t not stretch under tension.

  • Rope
    Carry a rock climbing rope that should be of a minimum of 60 meters of length.

  • Carabiners & Belay device
    This rock climbing gear is very important to prevent any fall.

  • Chalk
    Chalk bags are very important to keep climber's hands dry while climbing.

  • Some add on to the rock climbing gear may include hammers, Nut Tools, Drills, rigging plates, Stretchers, ledges, ascenders etc.

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