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Mountain Camping

Mountain camping is one of those few activities that can really bring the family close. Not only does one see nature face to face, but also lets you test your skills for surviving in nature. Plan wonderful weekend mountain camping trip an have a memorable time together.

You will come across some of the best scenic and amazing mountain views on a mountain camping vacation. Camp yourself at the most comfortable spot so that you are near to water. Whether you are a primitive camping enthusiast or a camper who wants all the amenities of modern life while camping, there are camping gears available for all type of travelers. Explore the unspoiled wilderness of those lofty mountains while camping at a beautiful spot. But before you head for those famous mountain spots, make sure you are carrying all the necessary equipment and gear with you.

Mountain camping gear
If you are going to camp yourself in those mountains for a couple of days, make sure you have the following gear apart from good food and reliable outdoor climbing equipment.

  • Good and strong tent
  • Toilet Tent
  • Kitchen Tent
  • Right clothing
  • Ruck Sack
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Water bottle
  • Map & Compass
  • Life Jacket
  • Helmet
  • Medical kit
  • Equipment Repairing and Cleaning
  • You can do a lot other mountain activities while camping, like biking, horseback riding, fishing, rafting, climbing etc. but make sure your safety and protection are taken care of before indulging an\in any of these activities during mountain camping.              

    Mountain camping is a great fun way to get close to the nature as well as bond with your family and friends. But remember to carry a good stored of food supply and water as well as other necessary gear. Mountain terrain and weather can be unpredictable. So  be well prepared before you set off.

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