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Mountain Biking

Those people who love riding bikes, mountain biking is an excellent sport, especially in the summer. Riding into the middle of nowhere, breathing in the clear and fresh mountains air and feasting on the scenic surroundings around, can leave one with the most exhilarating experience. This year, collect the right mountain biking gear and head straight for the steep mountain biking trails to teas your endurance and challenge yourself.

As you cycle up and down those mountain biking trails, rather than on a placid countryside, you will find this a perfect sport. But before you go for mountain biking, make sure you are well equipped as the weather and terrain in the mountains can change considerably.

Mountain biking gear list
Carry the right Mountain biking gear that is very vital for your safety as well as to keep away from any risks while biking through those steep mountains. Let us take a look at the essential gear and equipment that you must carry:

  • Helmets
    Specifically designed Helmet for the mountain biking to offer lightweight and well-ventilated protection.
  • Food & Water bottle
    Always carry enough enrgey rich food and water supply. You never know when you may land in an emergency.
  • Sunblock & Chapstick
    Mountain winds are strong and dry and the sunlight can be harsh. Protect your skin and face.
  • Map
    Always carry the Map of the region you are bilking across to avoid getting lost.
  • Biking glasses
    Always wear shades to protect your eyes.
  • Biking shorts & Biking jacket
    Wear the right apparel as getting into uncomfortable clothes will only drain you out earlier. Hence, wear comfortable and light clothes.
  • A couple of other essentials that you must carry are Tire pump, Shock pump, Toolkit for your bike to make for any minor repairs. You should also carry First aid kit to take care of yourself. Don’t forget to keep Insect repellent and Afterbite in it.

    Mountain biking tips

    The experienced bikers will know already what all Mountain biking tips to follow. But the beginners should be well aware of some precautions before heading for a cycling trip in the mountain.

  • Don’t go for very challenging mountain trials if you are a beginner.
  • Go with an experience biker if possible
  • Go through the checklist of all the biking gear.
  • Ride light and wear comfortable clothes
  • Go at the right momentum
  • Go ahead and try Mountain biking this summer. There are thousands of trails out there just waiting to be explored.

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