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Ski Hire and Ski Rental in St. Anton

One of the most popular places for a winter holiday in Austria is St. Anton am Arlberg. The well known skiing area is not only admired by the Austrians themselves but also by a lot of foreign tourists. Germans as well as guests from the UK spend their skiing-holidays in St. Anton in order to have fun on the slopes. Most of the foreign guests stay for seven nights in 4- or 5-star hotels. During their stay not only the services in the hotel but also other ones are offered to them in St. Anton. One important service in St. Anton is for instance ski hire and ski rental. In the center of St. Anton as well as near the cable cars tourists can find ski hire and ski rental services. More and more of them do no longer posses own skies, skiing shoes and a helmet. Therefore ski rental and ski hire services become more and more important in St. Anton. Foreign guests who travel to Austria by plane often do not take their own skies with them which is another reason to rent skies, skiing shoes and a helmet while spending a skiing-holiday in Austria.

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